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Exhibition art book of Reiffers Art Initiatives

Lorna Simpson & Gaelle Choisne is the fifth art book from Reiffers Art Initiatives that chronicles the 2023 edition of the mentorship. Since 2021, Reiffers Art Initiatives has been dedicated to supporting emerging artists and promoting cultural diversity in the French contemporary scene. Our mentorship exhibition, which brings together a leading international figure in contemporary art and a young French artist every October, is a key part of this mission.

For this latest edition of mentoring, the African-American artist Lorna Simpsons, known for her conceptual approach to photography, has chosen to support the French artist Gaelle Choisne.  

In this exhibition, Lorna Simpson elected to present her most recent works, which include a series of large-scale paintings inspired by nature. Gaëlle Choisne completed the exhibition by unveiling new pieces that skillfully depict the chaos of the world and her attention to all living beings—both flora and fauna.

€60.00 (tax incl.)

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