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Exhibition art book of Reiffers Art Initiatives

'NO APOLOGIES' is the very first art book from Reiffers Art Initiatives. The Foundation is supporting young contemporary artists and cultural diversity. The annual mentorship program, in which a major figure of contemporary art chooses and works with a laureate from a selection of emerging artists suggested by an artistic committee, will give rise to an exhibition during the FIAC fair.

The first mentor of this program, the American artist Rashid Johnson, chose to support the French artist of Guadeloupean origin Kenny Dunkan. Inspired by the visual culture of the Caribbean, particularly that of carnivals, his creations question the French colonial heritage and the persistence of its modes of representation. The “NO APOLOGIES” exhibition was born from the in-depth dialogue between both artists: a true initiatory journey with monumental and immersive installations, sculptures, videos and photographs. It is now documented and illustrated through this art book.

€75.00 (tax incl.)

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