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INFILTRÉES - 5 manières d'habiter le monde

Exhibition art book of Reiffers Art Initiatives

The art book Infiltrées - 5 manières d'habiter le monde recalls the exhibition at the Acacias Art Center of the second edition of the Reiffers Art Initiatives Prize, bringing together the works of five emerging women artists from four continents (Africa, America, Asia and Europe) selected by the artistic committee: Meriem Bennani, Han Bing, Binta Diaw, Bianca Bondi and Ser Serpas, 2023 laureate. 

After Pol Taburet in 2022, the committee awarded Ser Serpas for the quality of her artistic approach and the work carried out in situ. The artist's works form abstract poems that tell of our relationship with our environment and our ability to make it our own, to reassemble it as much as to sublimate it. Ser Serpas does not intend to simply grapple with the world, she also works to reconfigure it aesthetically and conceptually, to propose other imaginaries and other ways of making the world, together.

€75.00 (tax incl.)

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