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Numéro 243


In Issue 243, December 2023:

Social networking star, actress, author, model, podcast host, entrepreneur and activist, Emily Ratajkowski is the new face of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Tiger Lily fragrance, and tells Numéro all about herself in an interview. A rare female artist to ignite a French rap scene largely dominated by men, Shay talks about the making of her third album in a heart-to-heart exchange. In just a few years, Charles de Vilmorin has succeeded in infusing the fashion world with his instantly recognizable, poetic and surreal universe. On the eve of a new year already full of fantastic projects and collections, the 26-year-old fashion designer takes stock. A key actress in the Split series, Alma Jodorowski has been playing demanding roles on a regular basis since the early 2010s. Numéro profiles this committed star, who is currently starring in French director Yvan Attal's new film, Un coup de dés. Not forgetting the fashion series by Txema Yeste, Lee Wei Swee, Sofia et Mauro, Szilveszter Makó, Julien Vallon and Ben Hassett...

Numéro 243 is available on newsstands, on iPad and on the Numéro e-shop.

€6.90 (tax incl.)

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