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Numéro 238


Marion Barbeau, lead dancer at Paris Opera Ballet who recently started as an actress with director Cédric Klapisch ; exclusive interview with Monica Bellucci, who embodies Italian photographer Tina Modotti in a photo series by Marcel Hartmann ; rising French cinema star Garance Marillier, starring in upcoming movie Marinette ; designer and founder of AMI Alexandre Mattiussi dives into his latest collection ; cosmic paintings by Ouattara Watts at Galerie Cécile Fakhoury ; American artist Vincent Fecteau’s fascinating sculptures ; an interview with Adam Linder, choreographer who invites dance into the white cube ; and fashion editorials by Cho Gi-Seok, Koto Bolofo, Yulia Gorbachenko, Rory van Millingen, Elina Kechicheva and Txema Yeste.

The March 2023 issue of Numéro 238, available on the newsstands and on iPad on March 31th, 2023.

€6.90 (tax incl.)

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