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Numéro 211


300 pages Mode Special Issue. With the truth interview of Jean Paul Gaultier, a portrait of the singer Poppy, the phenomenon that agitates the Web, an encounter with the artist Mathias Kiss, the confessions of Christian Louboutin, the collection of design objects by Virgil Abloh, between brutalist sculptures and homage to graffiti, the series Hunters on Amazon Prime with Al Pacino as a Nazi hunter, a focus on Todd Haynes' new feature film, Dark Waters, with Mark Ruffalo, the polymorphic work of painter Nina Childress, and the fabulous fashion series by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Dominique Isserman, Kapcer Kasprzyk, Alexander Saladrigas, Valentin B. Giacobetti, Sonia Szóstak and Walter Pierre.

€4.90 (tax incl.)

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