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Numéro art 13

MOHAMED BOUROUISSA  in cover story

For its 13th issue, Numéro art unveils its new graphic identity and features, and invites 13 international artists to create 13 original works. On the cover of this exceptional Numéro 13, Mohamed Bourouissa and the duo formed by legendary American artist Lorna Simpson and French artist Gaëlle Choisne. The Franco-Algerian is one of the most respected artists of his generation. Celebrated this season in two French museums, he recently presented his first theater production. As for Lorna Simpson, she takes on the role of mentor to Gaëlle Choisne and accompanies her for a Reiffers Art Initiatives exhibition at the Acacias Art Center during Paris + by Art Basel. We also feature a no-holds-barred interview with icon Marina Abramovic, who has just opened her retrospective at London's Royal Academy. Another major figure, American artist Theaster Gates, accompanies us on his moving exhibition at LUMA Arles and opens the doors of his Chicago studio. Numéro art also followed the iconoclastic and rebellious Lili Reynaud-Dewar as she took over the Palais de Tokyo this autumn.

Numéro art also features original creations produced in collaboration with leading international artists. Philipp Timischl takes us into his gym, accompanied by his favorite sociology books, for a series of nerdy, sexy photos, while Puppies Puppies (guest artist at the New Museum in New York) pays a committed tribute to the bodies of the trans community. Finally, this 13th Numéro art has selected the 30 must-see exhibitions of the season and the best of Paris + by Art Basel. Not forgetting our focus on the troublemakers of General Idea, shamanism in South America and the emerging scene with designer Liam Lee and Egyptian artist Rafik Greiss.

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